Questions about marrying a military man?

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I am curious about the changes to my boyfriend's dependent status and how everything really would change once we get married. We have been talking about marriage and haven't actually started planning anything but I want to know ahead of time all the paperwork we will be required to fill out and what I can expect.

He is currently in the National Guard and away at basic training and will immediately go to AIT afterwards. Then he is scheduled to come back home and resume his current job. I am curious if my children will be considered his dependents also since they will be his stepchildren. FYI: They live with me full-time and their father pays child support.




  1. Taxes have nothing to do with dependent status.  My ex-husband is military as well as my current husband.  My ex-husband still has my daughter listed as his dependent on DEERS and provides me with child support, but he doesn't claim her on his taxes.

    The military makes no distinction between stepchild, adopted child or biological.  Nor does the military much care for how you do your taxes.  All that matters is whether or not the child is a minor or college bound adult under 26 and a member of the family.  A marriage license is all that is needed to certify your child as a member of his family.


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