How tough is EOD tech school?

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Is there a lot of mathematics, electronic theory, etc?




  1. Can anyone send me some information on any of these schools and do they offer the classes for civilians?

  2. lol they do all the asking you about drug use in basic. they do drug tests in tech school. and ive never heard of anyone being dropped since Ive been here, and just about everyone gets their security clearance.

    besides that, the school is long hours in the classroom, with a lot of practical tests. My class started with 25, we have 5 originals. 5 or 6 have rolled back after failing several tests and should graduate at a later date. Lots of people fail out of immaturity, inexperience, or just straight up bad luck. As far as math, no. Having an electronics background can help you understand come concepts better, but theres nothing you need to know before hand, youll be taught everything an a basic level. Lots of the school is procedural. Just focus and you'll be fine.

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