I want to join the Army. But i broke my leg 2 yrs ago and still have metal work in place

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Do you think this will effect my application?

I know you aren't army medical examiners.

Just a rough idea would do please you generous answerer's :)




  1.  The military has developed a medical profile indicator, known as the physical profile serial system.

    The physical profile serial system is based primarily upon the function of body systems and their relation to military duties. The functions of the various organs, systems, and integral parts of the body are considered. Since the analysis of the individual’s medical, physical, and mental status plays an important role in assignment and welfare, the military takes great care in executing the functional grading.

    4) A profile serial containing one or more numerical designators of “4” indicates that the individual has one or more medical conditions or physical defects of such severity that performance of military duty must be drastically limited. Definitely a disqualifier for both entering the military, and for continued military service, if already in the military.

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