The 39th Lion of Bonn a Foil Fencing World Cup event starts today – Fencing update

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The 39th Lion of Bonn a Foil Fencing World Cup event starts today – Fencing update
The 39th Lion of Bonn starts today in which 198 fencers from 25 countries will be fighting in the Men’s Foil World Cup. The annual event is kicked off in its customary city of Bonn in Germany. The schedule for the competitions was revealed when
delegations from the Fédération Internationale d'Escrime (FIE) were sent to the German Fencing Federation. As per schedule, the individual events will be started today and Team events will be started on Sunday.
Yesterday, fencing equipment tests including the Weapon Control Test and Scoring Apparatus Tests were conducted. Initial pool matches and the first table of direct elimination round will be played today and direct elimination rounds including final will
be conducted tomorrow with the prize distribution ceremony. Team events and its prize distribution ceremony will be conducted on Sunday.
The entries are made only for those fencers who have their license issued by FIE. All the competitions will be conducted according to the rules and regulations set by the FIE.  The referees are appointed by the FIE and respective federations instead of countries.
German Fencing Association has revealed the lists of seeds and schedule of 36 pool matches. Pools are also divided into the groups according to their timings. First group, from first pool to tenth pool, will start on 9:00 am German time. Second group from
11th pool to 20th pool will start on 11:00 am and the last six pools will be conducted at 01:00 pm.
A broad group of the world’s favorite fencers has reached Bonn to fight in the “39th Lion of Bonn”. 2010 World Champion, world number one seed and last year’s finalist, Lie Sheng of China, is also participating in this tournament. Italian Andrea
Cassara, who is ranked second in the world ranking and a quarterfinalist in the 2010 Lion of Bonn, will also compete in Individual and Team events. Japan has sent Yuki Ota for this world cup. Ota is silver medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and bronze medal
winner of the 2010 World Cup in Paris. He is currently ranked third in the world standings.
Italy’s veteran fencer, Valerio Aspromonte, is also going to compete in both individual and team events of the Foil World Cup. Aspromonte is a 2010 European Champion and currently ranked fifth in the world ranking. He is also the winner of the 2010 Lion
of Bonn. Italian Andrea Baldini French Erwan Le Pechoux and English Richard Kruse will also compete in the 39th Lion of Bonn.
The USA has sent nine athletes while eight fencers are going to fight from Italy. France and Russia have sent eleven fencers to compete in this grand event. The home country has included 21 athletes for this event. A very tough competition is going to take
place between the participants because everyone has reached Bonn with the aspirations of becoming the “Lion of Bonn”.



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