Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini loses composure over Mario Balotelli

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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini loses composure over
Manchester City’s Italian manager, Roberto has gone on to finally lose his cool with Mario Balotelli. The striker went on to pick a highly ridiculous red card in the team’s match against Dynamo Kiev, in the UEFA Europa League last night, and the
fact that he was sent off during the first-half of the game greatly affected the outlook of the match and made it close to impossible for City to come back from going two goals down in the first leg.
It still seems inexplicable as to why Balotelli went on to plant his studs into the thigh of, however, the referee had no choice but to show the player a straight red.
Despite being cut down to ten men, City managed to get one goal back via in the first half. However, a second-goal which would have potentially seen the game go into extra-time and in favour of City never came as the clock ran out and
City were sent crashing out of the Europa League.
Nonetheless, a very disappointed Mancini had no one but Balotelli to blame for the team's loss in the game. The manager is reported to have said, "If it stays 11 versus 11, we would have probably scored two or three goals"
"I didn't see the foul properly but I am very disappointed because in a game like this it is very difficult if you pick up a red card, and you can pick up a red card for doing something stupid. The problem for Mario is that he thinks he could be a fantastic
player. But when he does something stupid like that, it is difficult for me, difficult for him and difficult for the team," added a visibly upset Mancini.
It’s funny how the manager has just started to realize something that almost everyone had been saying for a while. When the manager was looking to land the player, he went on to spend a massive fee set to be around 24-million pounds, for the player. The
manager parted with that amount of cash because he felt that Balotelli was not being treated fairly at Milan and all the trouble that he was instigating was being pinned on him.
However, it now seems like the manager has finally realized that it was the player who was at fault in all those instances and not anyone else. Nonetheless, with Balotelli now being a City player, the only way to fix the problem at hand, is to probably get
Balotelli into rehab for his mentality because if that does not happen, then it won’t be surprising to see the player get arrested for robbing a bank in the future.



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