Tattooing pelvic area

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  1. The pelvic area is a very coarse and stretchy area of skin. It's more painful then other areas due to the number of times you have to go over the outline to get a crisp image, you also have to have your needle protrude further then normally to get to the epidermis layer of skin, and since this skin is so elastic it will need to stretched more then normal to get a good solid line. So you have to go deeper then normal. Also during healing the pubic hair will push some pigment out as it grows so be prepared to get touch-up work done. All in all I think it is a great place to have a tattoo but should be applied by someone who has worked with this area before so you don't end up with a scratcher type of outline.

  2. What are you asking about tattooing the pelvic area?

    Does it hurt? Yep

    Do you really want a stranger (usually male) seeing your pelvis let alone tattooing it?

    What are you going to get there? If sexual in nature be prepared for the reactions you will get which probably will not be good.

    Do you want everyone seeing you get the tattoo? Lots, and I mean LOTS of shops do not have private rooms for this type of tattooing. If I wanted a breast tattoo from my artist at his shop then EVERYONE gets to see me and what is going on.

    Are you prepared to keep the area "manicured?"

    Will you have second thoughts later on in life?

    If you have no problems with any of that then go for it. It is your body, your money, your life.
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