Bump on Pelvic area?

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I have a skin tag like on my pelvic area that is inbetween my genitals and belly button its small and when I shave down there it gets cut off and bleeds bad. But grows back to the same thing. Don't know if anyone knows. I am pregnant and heard you can get things like this when pregnant? if anyone knows what it is or how to get rid of it>




  1. The only way to get rid of it is to have it burned or cut off, yes they are common in pregnancy.  Just try to be careful when shaving.  

  2. A skin tag is similar to a 'pill' on fabrics. When your skin rubs together it 'pills.' Which is what causes the skin tags, they can be annoying but they are harmless. I don't try to get rid of them. I think the reason you get them when you are pregnant is because you have more skin to skin contact.

    EDIT: lol. Apparently Tyler doesn't realize that word 'genitals' doesn't mean p***s. I guess not everyone can be born with a brain.
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