Rhythmic moving in pelvic area?

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Im 29 weeks pregnant and sometime i get this rhythmic feeling almost like a heartbeat and i feel it in my pelvic area. Sometime I think its the baby moving but it feels different not as strong just like a heartbeat...but it cant be the babys heartbeat that im feeling becuase its to slow its like im feeling my own heartbeat? Anyone else have this? If so what is it?




  1. I am so glad everyone else feels the exact thing.  It seems like the hiccups would be so fast and constant though. I was starting to worry; it seems to last a long time. Thanks for the input.

  2.  I am 30 weeks pregnant and i feel the same thing. i been searching around and everyone is saying that it last a couple of minutes....the problem is mine last at least half an hour and it happens quite often. it can even be painful for me! i don't know what to do! Help!

  3. so its hiccups . ? oh how cute mine does it every day fr about 5 mins, really cant wait for him to be here !

  4. keyword; doctors.

  5. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have been feeling the same thing.  I feel like a light heart beat but I feel it actually inside my v****a.  It feels like a pulse!  I havn't seen my doctor lately so haven't been able to ask, but if anyone else has experienced this I hope you can answer our question!

  6. same thing with me!!!!!!

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