cover up scar

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  1. It can be done.  Just get a tattoo that will cover it well.

    You should also visit a website like where you can get 2500 images for less than twenty bucks which is a great deal in my opinion.

  2. 1.Laser removal – costly and not guaranteed 100% successful removal.
    2.Cover up tat – research what you can get, find an artist that has done lots of them, go to lots of shops and talk to the artists and bring examples of what you like and DON'T like. Check their portfolio and have them draw over your tat you want covered so you can see what they are suggesting BEFORE you ink.

    Always, and I mean always, think before you ink. Know what you want or don't want, take examples of both and research your local shops for cleanliness, artist's qualifications, samples of their work,

    See the drawing and approve it BEFORE YOU INK, see the stencil BEFORE YOU INK, see the stencil placement BEFORE YOU INK.

    Never get a tat on a whim, they are permanent so get what you want but be responsible for making good and informed decisions BEFORE YOU INK.

    Don't get stuck with buyer's remorse which can be avoided by being sensible, informed and responsible.

    Examples of good cover up tats:
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