Lions’ Ndamukong Suh’s appeal on ban heard, Packers’ Grant thinks penalty is not enough – NFL News

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Lions’ Ndamukong Suh’s appeal on ban heard, Packers’ Grant thinks penalty is not enough – NFL News
Appointed jointly by the National Football League and the players’ association, the appeals officer Art Shell on Thursday heard the plea of Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who was handed a two-game ban for violent
treatment with Green Bay Packers’ guard Evan Dietrich-Smith in the week-12 game of the current season.
During the third quarter of the game, he aggressively tackled and kicked Evan. As a result, the referee ejected him.
Initially, Suh did not accept his mistake, but after pressure from all the corners, he apologised and termed his behaviour unacceptable. However, his apology was not directed to Evan. He reportedly called the NFL Commissioner Roger
Goodell in an attempt to control the damage, and apologised to him too.
Later, the league imposed a two-game ban without pay that will cost him around $165,000.
“NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks notified Ndamukong Suh today that he has been suspended without pay for the Lions' next two games for his unsportsmanlike conduct in the Lions-Packers game on Thanksgiving
Day," a statement by the NFL said.
As soon as he received the penalty, Suh decided to challenge it. The league’s spokesperson said that it would try to expedite the process of Suh’s appeal and hoped that a decision would be reached before Sunday.
If the ban is lifted, Suh could play this weekend’s game against New Orleans Saints.
It is expected that the decision could come on Friday. However, Art Shell did not specify any time for making a decision.
Meanwhile, Green Bay Packers’ running back Ryan Grant has condemned Suh for his aggressive stance and said that the punishment given by the league was not enough. He was of the view that more severe penalty should have been imposed
on the Lions’ defensive tackle and said that the player should have been sidelined for more than two games.
“I think that’s old news for us, but I don’t know, I sort of thought it was going to be a little bit longer," Grant said on Thursday. "But at the end of the day, do I think it needs to be longer? Yeah, I do. I think it’s absurd."



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