Browns’ president Mike Holmgren confirms Colt McCoy was not checked for concussion – NFL News

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Browns’ president Mike Holmgren confirms Colt McCoy was not checked for concussion – NFL News
A day after National Football League (NFL) and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) had meeting with Cleveland Browns officials, the team president Mike Holmgren has further thrown light on the handling of their quarterback Colt McCoy
injury admitting that the player was not checked on the sideline.
In an hour-long news conference on Wednesday Holmgren confirmed that officials from the two organizations had meeting with Browns medical staff and management. He said that it was revealed at the meeting with the officials that
McCoy was not checked for concussion as apparently there were no symptoms of it.
He added that their medical staff who were busy in attending to other injured players on the sideline could not witness the hit and realized its impact so in absence of apparent symptoms the players was let to go back onto the
Colt McCoy was checked by Browns medical staff and trainer Joe Sheehan and he told their head coach Pat Shurmur that he was alright to return to resume his game. Shurmur had earlier confirmed that he was informed by Sheehan that
McCoy looked ok and was fit to play.
"I want to make something very, very clear here," said Holmgren. "No coach that I know, certainly not our head coach, would ever overrule a doctor and put a kid in a game where a doctor said you can't play. I never did it. Pat
will never do it. It's not happening. If anybody had that in the back of their mind because it's a big game, it's the Steelers, we had a chance to win the game, we're going to roll the dice a little bit and throw him in, that's not what happened. That will
never happen."
Despite his admission Browns president said that he did not expect NFL and NFLPA to penalize the side as their medical staff was unaware that McCoy injury was a concussion.
The players association chief DeMaurice Smith meanwhile also confirmed of holding meetings with Browns staff and management. The association chief further added that the meeting as a part of their ongoing review of the incidence
and consequent action taken by Browns has helped both the organizations to learn more about the injury and procedures.



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