Steve Nash called Kobe Bryant before making the final decision to join Los Angeles Lakers – NBA Update

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Steve Nash called Kobe Bryant before making the final decision to join Los Angeles Lakers – NBA Update
Before Steve Nash agreed to head over to Los Angeles Lakers and adorn the purple and yellow uniform, there was only person he needed to talk to and that was Kobe Bryant. The move meant two of the bitterest rivals coming together
and Nash thought it better to get some insight into Kobe’s feelings.
"For me, it was important to speak to him and make sure he was completely on board, and that he could kind of visualize this as being a good fit, and being excited about it."
Nash and Kobe may have been competing against each other for the most part of their illustrious careers but both of them were happy at the prospect of joining hands in order to seek a common goal, winning an NBA Championship.
Nash who has never been able to go all the way and lift the Larry O’Brien trophy revealed that the five time champion was excited at the merger;
"Kobe, he was great. He was excited, and explained to me how he thought it would help, and why he thought it would be great, and I think a lot of the reasons he had were ones I could already envision before speaking to him."
The official announcement of the deal is still awaiting for NBA`s moratorium period to come to a close but to people especially in LA, this means a start of a new dominating era regardless of their ageing superstars.
As part of the deal, Phoenix have been reported to get two first round and second round picks in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 season and in return Nash would be getting a contract which would be worth $27 million for three years.
Reflecting on the possibility of playing alongside Bryant who has been a long time rival and until recently has been widely criticized for holding the ball too much; Nash had nothing but positive feedback by contemplating that
he is a leader and both of them can benefit from each other.
"Kobe is still one of the all-time great players in this game. I hope he does have the ball in his hands a lot,"
Nevertheless with Nash’s arrival in LA, there would be less ball hogging and can help create shots for both Bryant and other team-mates as he has been the leading assist maker for the past two seasons in the NBA.



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