Jameer Nelson returns to the Orlando Magic – NBA Update

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Jameer Nelson returns to the Orlando Magic – NBA Update
After Jameer Nelson opted out of the last year on his contract with Orlando Magic to test free agency, he was expected to be out of there. But after the recent update on his twitter account, it seems as though the 30-year old has
agreed to return back on a new contract.
"Glad to say I've reached an agreement with the Magic... I'm blessed to have the best fans and a great organization supporting me!" -  Nelson
The details of the agreement have not been revealed yet and an official announcement cannot be made until NBA`s moratorium period ends, till which free agents are not allowed to sign new deals.
Nelson entered into free agency after opting out of the last year of his contract in order to pursue better options for his career.
"I was prepared to go where I needed to go to continue my career, and I think I kind of expressed that to the organization," Nelson said. "But I also told them that I would love to come back.
The decision from Nelson to leave the Magic organization may have come after being directly affected by Dwight Howard`s demands to be traded away to play alongside other point guards like Chris Paul or Deron Williams.
Even though Nelson himself did not consider this speculation to be a factor in his decision but based on his performances from last season, during which he shot the ball a career low 42% to hold an average of 11.9 points.
Now with Nelson back with the Magic, it does not mean at all that they are out of the current turmoil status they find themselves in. They still have to resolve the issue of want away centre Howard who feels betrayed by the Orlando
They also have to deal with free agent Ryan Anderson who they have made a qualifying offer to and the future of guard J.J. Redick who only has one year remaining on his contract worth $6.1 million.
With Howard’s exit a sure thing, Nelson’s commitment would certainly help the Magic as they look to start a rebuilding process.



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