Goran Dragic joins Phoenix Suns as Steve Nash`s replacement on a four year deal – NBA Update

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Goran Dragic joins Phoenix Suns as Steve Nash`s replacement on a four year deal – NBA Update
Just hours after the Phoenix Suns agreed to let go Steve Nash in a sign and trade deal to the Los Angeles Lakers, they acquired a suitable replacement in form of Goran Dragic, by agreeing to a four year deal worth $34 million.
The details of the agreement have not been fully revealed as the official announcement of the transfer is still to be made and cannot be done until next week. However, a few of the incentives offered is to give Dragic a player option for the last year.
Dragic can be instantly blend with the Phoenix team because he spent the first two years of his career playing there before being traded over to Houston Rockets.
Originally drafted in the second round by San Antonio Spurs as the 45th overall pick, his rights were given over to the Phoenix Suns and the one guard spent time learning his trait under the supervision of Nash before moving to Houston Rockets.
Dragic spent most of last season playing as a replacement to Kyle Lowry but based on his performances he was able to cement his place in the Rockets roster. He averaged 11.7 points, 5.3 assists for last season.
Even though the Rockets had been hoping to keep the 26 year old in Houston as part of their roster re-structuring, however given the amount of minimum minutes he received even after giving it his all, Dragic decided to make a better move for his future.
On the other hand, Phoenix would be hoping to make Dragic a starting point guard, a position that has now been left vacant with Nash going away to the Lakers. As part of their trade, Suns are receiving two first round picks and two second round from LA in return for Nash.
Another deal that has reported to have materialized right around the Nash deal was made is of Michael Beasley who has been linked to have agreed to a three year deal worth $18 million.
By acquiring young players, Suns are moving in the right direction towards building a good NBA team, a direction that has worked wonders for Oklahoma City Thunder and a certain Minnesota Timberwolves team who are on the rise constantly.



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