Sino ang limang dakilang ekonomista ng daigdig?

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  2. 1. Adam Smith
    Scotland, 1723-1791
    The father of modern economics, he saw the market system acting as an "invisible hand" which leads people to unintentionally promote society's interests while pursuing their own.
    2. David Ricardo
    England, 1772-1823
    His theory that landlords enriched themselves at the expense of society led him to campaign tirelessly in Parliament and in print for free trade.
    3. Thomas Malthus
    England, 1766-1834
    A Classical economist, he startled early 19th century society with his pessimistic prediction that population growth would exceed food supply, condemning mankind to misery.
    4. John Stuart Mill
    England, 1806-1873
    The last of the great economists of the Classical School, he denied the doctrine that society could not alter the existing distribution of income.
    5. Karl Marx
    Germany, 1818-1883
    Intellectual father of modern day Marxist economics, he predicted that capitalism would be ultimately destroyed by its own inherent contradictions.

  3. sino ang ekonomista ng bansa at foreign

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