Singapore International Series: Mingtian Fu narrowly beats Yu Po Pai in Women’s Singles semi-final

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Singapore International Series: Mingtian Fu narrowly beats Yu Po Pai in Women’s Singles semi-final
Mingtian Fu, the in-form shuttler from Singapore, had to dig deep into her reserves to reach into Women’s Singles final as she worked really hard in semi-final battle when she narrowly won against Yu Po Pai of Chinese Taipei at the Singapore International
Series 2012 in Singapore, on Friday, August 17.
The Singaporean ace Mingtian, who has been poisoned at the top in Women’s Singles category in the tournament, remained lucky in semi-final clash as she escaped defeat from her lower ranked Taipei opponent by ending up the match with a tight margin.
The top seeded Mingtian was quite nervous in opening set and lost it but found her way back into the match by winning the second game. She played focused badminton in the decider and managed to win the battle in three games.
On the other hand, the un-seeded Yu Po showed a staggering performance on court as she played with aggression and control and took the opening game but failed to maintain her commanding position in the following sets. She lost the match in rubber sets with
a respectable margin.
In the opening set, Mingtian got a punishing treatment from Yu Po as she failed to live up expectations and remained struggling far behind until the mid-game interval.
After the break, Mingtian tried to play focused badminton but she could not stop the aggression of her opponent and wend down by a huge margin of 14-21.
In the second set, Mingtian elevated her play by taking the bird early and managed to remain stick around her opponent until the end of first half.
After the break, Mingtian continued playing safe badminton and remained successful in grabbing the second game with a tight score of 21-19.
In the decider, both shuttlers kept the huge crowd engaged all the way until the one-minute interval.
After the break, Mingtian played slightly better badminton which helped her to maintain her upper hand on court and she managed it end it up with a close 21-18 score on the board.
Mingtian remained lucky in winning this three-set semi-final battle against Yu Po with a nail-biting margin of 14-21, 21-19 and 21-18.



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