Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert aims for consistent improvement - NFL News

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Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert aims for consistent improvement - NFL News
Jacksonville Jaguars’ second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert is aware he should not think himself done after his performance in the preseason opener against the New York Giants that had shown a sign of improvement from his rookie appearance last season.
Although first year coach Mike Mularkey has spoken high of the QB’s progression in performance as an offence leader, Blaine knows he has got a lot more to prove his credentials as a starter. Also, it was just a preseason opener and he still faces rest of
the preseason campaign, against some tougher oppositions, and then real challenge of regular season, starting next month.
He must prove a higher level of consistency in his performance, which was a major issue in his last year’s failings. Mike has also backed him to remain consistent and less worried about the numbers.
The coach is under a great pressure to prove Blaine has improved and can be trusted as a leader of the team’s offence crop. It is a fresh beginning for Jaguars at all ends. The stakes are higher for the coach in front of the new owner Shahid Khan who has
shown complete confidence into the coach’s capability of helping his franchise to turn around.
Blaine’s form remains crucial to the coach’s success and so far seems to have gone well and in line with his expectations. It is nevertheless too early for both – the coach and QB – to claim success.
The coach, however, is content with the team's overall performance in the first game. In post-game comments he had said:
“Even at halftime, we said, ‘Hey, this is a good time right now trying to define ourselves as a football team -- nothing would be better than to come back and win this game. They did. I just think this will go a long way. Tonight, I saw a bunch of guys that
believe in each other. They believe it is a 60-minute game like it says on the door when we walk out.”
It is hoped now that rest of the season proves to be an equally impressive run for the coach, and also for Blaine.



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