The Trainers’ Championship point episode at Henlow on 29th December

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The Trainers’ Championship point episode at Henlow on 29th December 
29th December Thursday night’s meeting at Henlow also comprised of twelve heats, but each one of them was not contested by the trainers’ championship nominations. The nominations for the trainers’ championship that took part
and won were Kelly Findlay, Mark Wallis and Seamus Cahill with Dean Childs remaining unsuccessful.
Mark Wallis, who has the second standing in the trainers’ championship, had an entry in the December Dash that was raced for over a distance of 277 metres. Mark Wallis trained Rockburst Fanta, broke from the fourth stall and made it to the other end
of the wire in 17.46 seconds, landing fifth.
The Grade A4 460 metres flat had Nick Savva participating through Westmead Bertie, who was at even odds and stood second after finishing the race in 28.38 seconds after breaking from the very first stall.
The December Midi Dup had Mark Wallis, Nick Savva and Dean Childs competing through their entries. Mark Wallis’s entry Munster Champ and the hound representing Nick Savva, Westmead Ourora were 5 to 2 joint favourites of the race.
Munster Champ covered the 550 metres distance in 33.88 seconds and was followed by Westmead Ourora who was at a length’s difference and raced through the wire in 33.96 seconds.
Dean Childs trained Aero Seppi on the other end could only finish last with taking 35.34 seconds.
December Standard Dup, the open race had Seamus Cahill, Kelly Findlay and Deans Childs being represented. Seamus Cahill trained Rayvin Again was 2/1 joint favourite with Ten Large Down who is under training D Henry.
Ten Large Down made it to the fourth position after breaking from the third gate and racing through the 460 metres track in 28.36 seconds. On the other hand, claiming the £150 prize money was Rayvin Again who raced out from the fifth stall and rushed
through the wire in 27.78 seconds.
Dean Childs once again was unlucky with his under charge, Not Now Bertie finishing the race in the end and clocking the distance in 28.72 seconds. She came from the second stall but had to go through a stumbled start which might as well be the reason
for not being able to pace up.
So the meeting ended up with three points for Mark Wallis and one each for Kelly Findlay and Seamus Cahill.



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