San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey is out for the season – MLB News

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San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey is out for the season – MLB News
If there was something the San Francisco Giants could not bear at this time was the loss of someone of Buster Posey’s calibre.
The 2010 National League Rookie of the year suffered three torn ligaments in his left ankle and a fractured left fibula when Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins plowed into him in a collision at home plate.
The threatening injury that ensued resulted in surgery. Reports pouring in suggest that he has been relieved for the whole season owing to the injuries that the star player has suffered.
The surgery was followed by a press conference that Groeschner held. "It's a good prognosis. It's a long road from here. He just had a very devastating injury, had to have surgery and has a long rehab process to go. We'll see by the end of the summer where
he is at," Groeschner said after Posey underwent a 90-minute surgery at a medical facility in Burlingame, California.
Posey is considered to be one of the most endearing and valuable assets the Giants currently have. Miguel Tejada commented upon hearing the news of Posey’s injury and said, “Right now he’s the last guy we want to lose.”
Posey’s injury evoked intense reaction from leading figures who pointed their criticism to the Major League Baseball rules. Jeff Berry, an Attorney and Sports Agent, was one such critic who did not mince his word to express his opinion.
“You leave players way too vulnerable,” Jeff Berry said. “I can tell you Major League Baseball is less than it was before [Posey’s injury]. It’s stupid. I don’t know if this ends up leading to a rule change, but it should. The guy [at the plate] is too exposed.”
The athletic trainer belonging to the Giants, Dave Groeschner broke the news on Sunday with the confident assertion that Posey would return by next season.
While his rehabilitation and possible return by the next season are optimistically hoped and eagerly anticipated, Posey’s successful surgery was made possible by the Giants’ team physicians Dr. Larry Oloff, Dr. Ken Akizuki and Dr. Mike Dillingham.
However, Posey’s departure will turn out to be bad news at a time when San Francisco has found themselves in an increasingly difficult situation. On Sunday, they lost their game to Milwaukee Brewers by 6-0. It was the second defeat in as many games as the
Brewers had overwhelmed the Giants by 3-2 on Saturday, May 28. The Giants are now feeling the loss of their player, as victories begin slipping away.
While Posey’s unexpected departure is a matter of concern, the Giants have to brace themselves for the encounters that they have to undertake without their key player.



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