San Francisco Giants Buster Posey wins National League Most Valuable Player Award – MLB Update

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San Francisco Giants Buster Posey wins National League Most Valuable Player Award – MLB Update
San Francisco Giants’ catcher Buster Posey has been named National League Most Valuable Player Award for his brilliant all round performance in this recent past Major League Baseball season.
He performed with tremendous consistency and achieved great numbers to be voted 2012 MLB NL MVP.
His performance behind the plate and on-plate was one of his best contributions in his three years’ of professional experience in the big league.
Posey batted with .336 hitting average along with 24 home runs 103 RBIs and .408 OBP. Overall he is also sitting comfortable with his career hitting average of .314 along with 46 homers, 191 RBIs and .380 OBP.                     
"I definitely have a deeper appreciation for being able to play baseball, I've seen that it can be taken away quick," Posey said with delight and told the media about his season-long consistent performance.             
Posey added with more confidence, “I think anybody that has caught before understands the grind of catching, not only the physical, the nicks, the wear tear of squatting for nine innings night in, day out, but just the mental grind of working a pitching
staff, It's demanding."
In another statement Posey said after he heard the announcement, “Man, it’s tough to put into words, I think it’s an accomplishment that is shared with the whole Giants organization. It starts with the top with great ownership, the front office putting great
guys on the field.”
Posey started his Major League career in 2009 and since then he has been playing in the Giants’ franchise with persistence.
In his short career so far, he has won many honours for his extraordinary plays. Winning the All-Star spot two times in his career, Posey has also been declared Major League Batting Champion this year, along with National League Hank Aaron Award, Silver
Slugger Award, National League Comeback Player of the Year.
In 2010, Posey won the National League Rookie of the Year while he has also won Golden Spikes Award.
Many experts believe that Posey possesses some extraordinary talents and if he kept going like this, he will achieve more honours in the coming years as well.



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