Comeback player award goes to San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey – MLB News

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Comeback player award goes to San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey – MLB News
Catcher Buster Posey clinches comeback player award through voting. He has been tremendous throughout this season for the San Francisco Giants.
Struggling with a broken leg, it is always difficult for a player to recover and start producing runs at a same rate that he used to while he was in his prime.
As Posey has done this after going through severe injury, he has earned the distinction of comeback player.
He has been instrumental to the success of the Giants this year. He played decisive role in number of games for the team.
He struck a grand slam to send the Giants ahead for playing the National League Championship Series by beating the Cincinnati Reds in Game 5 of the National League Division Series.  
Besides the comeback player award, Posey has claimed the National League Batting Champion title in the season. Due to his consistent shows at the plate, he has been accorded this laurel.
Right now, Posey confronts a monumental task of taking the Giants through to victory in Game 6 of the NLCS.
The Giants need to win the last two matches in order to clinch the series victory, whereas the St. Louis Cardinals can proceed to the World Series by winning just one game.
In light of this, the pressure will be on the Giants as they are on the brink of elimination from the post-season. Posey is known for standing out in big games. It will be interesting to watch as to how he performs in the remaining two contests of the series.
Giants’ starting pitcher, Ryan Vogelsong has sketched picture of their expedition in the season in a statement.
“First when Wilson went down, people said we couldn’t do it,” Vogelson says. “Then we lost Melky, unfortunately. People said we couldn’t do it. The Dodgers made the big trade (for Adrian Gonzalez and other surly Red Sox). People said we weren’t going to
do it. We go down two to Cincinnati, they said we’re not going to do it. I think it’s the perseverance through the whole season is where we draw the confidence that until it’s not over until the last out is made.”
Vogelsong’s comments point to the ability of the Giants to thwart opponents in important games and run away with victories.
Fans will be excited about the Giants and will be looking to see how Posey carries out his role in the crucial clashes ahead.



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