Philadelphia Flyers' Nicklas Grossmann headed off to Sweden -NHL Lockout Update

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Philadelphia Flyers' Nicklas Grossmann headed off to Sweden -NHL Lockout Update
Nicklas Grossmann, who was previously reported to have declined any reports of him signing abroad during the lockout, is reported to now be joining a Swedish club in the Sweden hockey league due to their being no significant progress in labour talks.
The National Hockey League (NHL) and Players’ Association have failed to make any concrete arrangements on what a future labour deal could look like as over two months have now past since the previous collective bargaining agreement came to an end on September
15, 2012.
According to the latest reports, the Philadelphia Flyers defenseman has agreed to join Allsvenskan of Sodertalje SSK in Sweden, which was announced by the club on their official website.
Himself being a native of Stockholm, Sweden, will definitely feel right at home and it has been learned that Grossmann had the club on his list if at any time, he was forced to play abroad and it seems like now finally is the time to do that.
Grossmann is a 27-year-old defender for the Philadelphia Flyers and was drafted as the 56th overall during round-two of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft by Dallas Stars. He has six seasons of playing experience in the NHL, mostly with the Dallas Stars
and a portion of last season with Philadelphia Flyers after both clubs initiated a trade for the defender.
His career best performance was with the Dallas Stars back in 2008-2009 as he put up 12 points (2 goals, 10 assists) in 81 games played and 51 minutes of penalty time registered. He is a player with an extremely physical nature and is crucial to any team
in need of some offensive power near the opposing net.
Throughout his career in the North American major league, Nicklas Grossman has 355 games played under his belt with 47 points (3 goals, 44 assists) in total and 180 minutes of penalty time.
Grossmann is signed on with the Philadelphia Flyers through the 2015-2016 regular season to a four-year, $14 million contract which will make him an unrestricted free agent when it comes to an end, with an annual salary cap hit of $3.5 million.



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