Sam Thaiday says that David Shillington received a dangerous cannnon ball tackle

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Sam Thaiday says that David Shillington received a dangerous cannnon ball tackle
While talking to reporters on Saturday, October 29, Sam Thaiday labeled the cannon ball tackle by Isaac Luke as very dangerous. The hit left David Shillington writhing with pain and spoiled the Kangaroos' 26-12 win over New Zealand in their Four Nations
inaugural match in Warrington.  
The Kangaroos’ prop is now expecting another knee surgery after the major blow. However, no serious action has been taken against Luke, even though the hit has been considered by many to be dangerous and against the spirit of the game.
Thaiday felt the players pain because he has also been dangerously tackled by Luke in their 42-6 win over New Zealand in the earlier part of the month. However, there was no action taken in Thaiday’s case but the latest happenings will be scrutinised as
a match review panel will sit on Monday to decide the future of the charge reported.
In case the player is found guilty of the charge, Luke will appear before the disciplinary committee, which wil decide his future.
While venting out his anger towards the higher authorities who have been overlooking the redundant nature of the offence, Thaiday stated, "You can put blokes out doing that type of thing. We don't want it in the game. It happened to me in Newcastle. You
just don't know what's going to happen. Your feet are planted on the ground, you are hit the wrong way and your knees are gone. They need to put rub them out for a match and players won't do it. If they keep brushing it aside, it's not going to stop it. It
needs to be addressed now."
Thaiday has proposed that the authorities take serious action against such on field offences before they become a regular occurrence in the game.
Shillington, who had undergone knee reconstruction twice, is fearing that with the fierce cannon ball tackle by the South Sydney player he might need to go under the knife again. The diagnosis will be confirmed after the final report of MRI.
However, all needs to be addressed properly, otherwise there is no end to such intense injuries.  



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