New York Yankees presents offer to Carsten Charles Sabathia – MLB News

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New York Yankees presents offer to Carsten Charles Sabathia – MLB News
The major news media in New York has reported that the Bronx Bombers have extended the offer to Carsten Charles Sabathia. Sources revealed that the Yankees have transmitted their deal negotiations to the left-hander’s agent, but the club is still waiting
for an answer.
"We believe it is a very fair offer,'' the executive said.”But we haven't heard anything back yet.''
Sabathia currently have three years remaining on his seven year 161-million-dollar current contract. The sources had reported that the big fellow might use his opt-out clause in his contract after the World Series, but the left-hander has not filed for his
free agency option yet.
The inside reporter of the Bronx Bombers has disclosed that the pitcher will be looking to visit the free market. However, it did not remove his available option to sign the contract with the Yankees, for whom he has taken 59 games in last three years.
The left-hander’s agent, Brian Peters has still not filed any answer to the Yankees offer. According to sources, Sabathia will have a close eye on the entire market before reaching any decision, but an option of his possible comeback in the Yankees cannot
be eliminated.
During his stay with the Yankees, he has delivered in every crucial situation and has high respect in the fans of New York. This year Sabathia went 19-8 with a 3.00 ERA and helped the club to reach the American League Divisional Series. Although he could
not take the club into the AL Championship Series, Sabathia still has the same respect.
Looking at the stats of his last three years, it can easily be predicted that the Yankees could be losing one of their greatest pitcher if they do not re-sign the left-hander. Sabathia was the fourth most valuable pitcher in the Major League. He has thrown
more than two times the innings than any other pitcher in the sports in last three years. He is also a second highest paid pitcher after Johan Santana for the same period.
Yankees are also in conversation with the current GM Brian Cashman. The sources has reported that the Cashman has an official offer in his hands since Saturday but the long tenured general manager is yet to decide on his contract.
"All the terms and conditions are done,'' said the source, who declined to provide details of the contract.”My understanding is (Cashman) was going over it with his lawyer (Saturday night).''
It will be interesting to see if Sabathia and Cashman re-sign with the Yankees. If Sabathia uses his opt out clause and enters the free market, many high level teams will be looking to acquire this tremendously talented pitcher. The Yankees will want Sabathia
to accept the new offer as soon as possible to put all the rumour to rest.



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