Mid- career book not wise says Kevin Pietersen– Cricket News Update

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Mid- career book not wise says– Cricket News Update
After helping the team to an elusive win against, claiming that writing a book in the middle of a career is not a wise move.
In an utterly disappointing tour, which saw the Poms thrashed 5-0 in the One Day series, the team managed to beat the Indians by six wickets in the One-off T20, courtesy of a commendable half-century by KP. The player stroked 53 off just 39 balls to easily
chase their opponent’s target of 121.
 Despite their first on-field success, the tour was marked with a high-profile controversy which involved two renowned tourists’ players, Swann and Pietersen himself. The spinner in his new auto-biography, The Breaks Are Off, commented that his teammate
was never the right man to lead his side.
Pietersen was assigned to take charge of the national team in 2008; however, his reign was a troublesome one, which included a well publicized bust-up with then head coach,
Both men were stripped of their respective roles, with the ECB installing
Swann’s book, which came out just before the start of the tour of the sub-continent, highlighted that affair and the spinner opined that the team felt insecure during KP’s leadership and was glad to see Strauss being named as the captain.
Many criticized the off-break bowler for his comments, with many claiming that his recent remarks will affect the dressing room; however, Flower himself cleared the air and said that although the comments were highly unwanted, it did not affect the relationship
of the two players.
Former England skipper, was also not pleased with the whole situation and was disappointed with Swann.
With the visitors registering their first win, Pietersen took time and commented on the issue with a very firm stance, however said that it did not affect his relationship with Swann.
"I still do not agree to anyone writing a book in the middle of his career," Pietersen commented.

"That (controversy) was something around for a day or two. But that had nothing to do with our relationship.”



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