Sabine Lisicki steamrolls Kateryna Bondarenko in quarterfinal – Texas Open 2011

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Sabine Lisicki steamrolls Kateryna Bondarenko in quarterfinal – Texas Open 2011
World number 23 Sabine Lisicki outfoxed the world number 68 Kateryna Bondarenko in just 65 minutes during the quarter final at the Texas Open 2011. The players clashed on the hard courts of Hilton DFW Lakes in Grapevine, Texas. German Lisicki saw a comprehensive victory of a bread stick (6-1) and 6-2.
Fifth seeded Lisicki had gone all out in the first set by hitting big ground strokes and strong powerful shots that enabled her to achieve 61% of her total service points against Ukrainian Bondarenko, who was only able to muster a 39% of her total returns.
Not only did Lisicki have a strong serve but against Bondarenko who had achieved only a 39% win in her total serves, Lisicki managed to secure a 61% win of her returns as she hacked away all her opponent’s service games.
Bondarenko was unable to save 3 out of 7 break points on her serve and with a weak defence only attained a 25% of the break points won. Lisicki had a near perfect serve as she was able to save almost all her break points and gave only one opportunity to her Ukraine opponent to break her.
Winning 3 out of 7 break points, she was able to capitalize on 43% of break points won against Bondarenko.
By accomplishing a 61% win of total set points and also by smashing three aces in the last game, she secured the first set with a 1-0 lead.
In the second set Bondarenko had a pin point direction and struck zero double faults. In addition, she was able to take a notch higher on her serves and return. Although, she lost the set as she was only able to accomplish two games, she displayed an improved performance.
Lisicki with her accretive serve won a commendable 65% of her total service points against 25 year-old Bondarenko who was barely able to make return and managed to accomplish a 35% of her total return points.
The 25 year-old Ukraine had a better serve than her return and won 50% of her total service points, while, Lisicki was rallying by hitting a blow for a blow which assisted in her winning an average 50% of her total returns.
Out of the two, Lisicki was a stronger player and steam rolled over Bondarenko to secure a berth in the semi final by accomplishing 59% of her total service points. 



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