Kateryna Bondarenko steamrolls Lesia Tsurenko in the 1st Round – Baku Cup 2011

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Kateryna Bondarenko steamrolls Lesia Tsurenko in the 1st Round – Baku Cup 2011
The 24-year-old Ukrainian, Kateryna Bondarenko, steamrolled the 22-year-old Ukrainian, Lesia Tsurenko in the first round of the Baku Cup 2011 at the Baku Tennis Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan. The elder Ukrainian, Kateryna won the match
in an exciting one hour, four minutes and 35 seconds 6-3,6-2.
Both the players had contested against each other once during this season prior to this event. Therefore, not meeting for the first time both the players were familiar with each other’s style and technique. The last time they drew
swords at each other was at the Hobart International at the Domain Tennis Centre in Tasmania on true blue plexi-cushion prestige hard courts the two players battled it out in the second qualifying round. The elder Ukrainian, Kateryna won the match 4-6 6-4
6-2. The Higher Power had given another chance to younger Ukrainian to avenge her loss.
The court was set and both players had geared up to duel each other; winning the toss the 22-year-old served first. Even though both players didn’t ace and both of them had superb above average serve and return game, Kateryna had
a little edge over her opponent as her defence did not falter and stood her ground without giving any break points to her opponents advantage and also managed to win the only opportunity her opponent gave to her in form of a break point. It was a close match
with over all scores having a mere ten percent difference in both the total set points. She won the set and got a lead start 1-0.
Tsurenko still had an opportunity to win the match; however, not only disappointing herself but also her fans she lost the set and the match. It was as if she had given up hope and was too tired to play. She not only was lacking
in her service but also in her return game and although she tried to run across the court trying to hit she would miss more. She was not able to save three of the five break points and instead only managed to win one break point to her own advantage. The older
Ukrainian not only gave a good beating to her opponent by serving excellently but was also standing like a brick wall bouncing everything that came its way and hence had a superb return game. Winning three out of the five break points and only giving one break
point to her opponent’s advantage she won the match 6-2.  
Summing it up; the Ukrainian, Kateryna Bondarenko won the match due to her consistent performance and her defence. She availed the opportunity and beat her opponent to go 2-0 in their head-to-head score.



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