FC Dallas show concerns about transfers to Europe – Major League Soccer News

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FC Dallas show concerns about transfers to Europe – Major League Soccer News is the man parting ways with the 2010 MLS Cup finalists.
The team has a history when it comes down to transfers. Where the outfit signed a league high six Home Grown players, over the years, it also has lost some great talents to European giants.
After John, Bred Shea is now touted as the new target of the big money spenders in Europe.
The player scored five goals along with four assists last year, a performance that led the team to MLS playoffs and eventually to the Cup final against
The left-winger has improved up a notch in the current term and has bagged 10 goals so far, the main reason for behind him being an attraction for Europe.
The transfer rate of the Texas-based team has raised some concerns in the management ranks, and Technical Director Barry Gorman is the first one to blow the whistle on the matter.
“It’s gotten really busy because of our teams success and this has been the situation since last year,” said Gorman. “The more successful we are, the more people want our players. And it’s not just over overseas, it’s internally in the league."
Adding to the concerns, the director recalled the meeting he arranged with the league officials. “They met with Schellas Hyndman and myself and that was one of the big questions,” he Gorman. “Are we developing players to sell on or are we developing players
to play for FC Dallas?”
However, the director concurs to the fact that it is one of the matters that cannot be rectified completely. There has to be a happy medium, he said. It is always an honour for a club, if their players are selected in leagues like Barclays Premier League
or La Liga.



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