2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open Player Ratings: Audi 9 – Mansour 8

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2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open Player Ratings: Audi 9 – Mansour 8
The Men’s foursome of Audi and Mansour went head-to-head in the first round match of the 2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open being battled in at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in California. Both the Mansour and Audi teams struggled hardly for the second victory in the tournament, as the two won their opening fixtures.
It seems that the two teams will ruin the defensive lines of either side. However, it was not done so and the game ended with quite low scoring. Neither team could enter in the double-figure after the six-chukka of play. If we critically look at the results of the game, no foursome succeeded to outplay opponent side in the six chukka of play.
We analyse the standout performances of the players in the crucial encounter.
Marc Ganzi: 05/10
Ganzi was bit more aggressive as he should be and could only score once in the six chukka of play. He was not quite impressive in the stick-work and riding. Apart from scoring a single goal, he could not play reasonable role in the defence. Ganzi saw little of the ball in the first three chukkas of play but improved its possession ratio in the second half.
Gonzalito Pieres: 7.5/10
From the start of the game, he showed reasonable action to impress the opposite team. Pieres was in good form and made very outstanding moves to knock the opposite down. He notched four goals in the match and played vital role for making the victory possible for his team. Apart from his couple of missing shorts, he impressed the rival team. He not only served his side in scoring but also brought his team into the score-net.
Carlitos Gracida: 04/10
Gracida failed to prove his worth in the game and seemed to be bit too lazy in shooting. On one occasion, he made an effort to send the ball in the bars. However, his shot was not powerful enough to dribble the opposing defending players.
Carlos Gracida: 07/10
Carlos Gracida has evolved as a polo pro since his beginning of the years. In the recent match, he not only showed how to stop attacks from rival side but was also involved in many strikes. He scored four times and served much part of the scoring in the crucial fixture. His devotion and determination to the encounter had an assist in the victory. All in all, it was an impressive job by the Argentinean player.
Ben Soleimani: 03/10
Soleimani displayed many efforts to the game on defensive end but to no avail. He struggled throughout the match.
Sapo Caset: 07/10
Sapo Caset rendered a superb performance and brought back his team into the score net. He marked four goals from the field and penalty conversion to take the score close. Caset showed outstanding stick work, passing and movement at the horse back.
Lolo Castagnola: 6.5/10
Similar to Caset, Castagnola found it difficult to get past the defensive part of in the first three frames. He was quite instrumental in earning crucial chances for his front man. All in all, it was an above the average showing where he scored four times and denied numerous efforts on different occasions.
Jared Sheldon: 04/10
Sheldon took part in the game as his partner in the defensive position. He did not have any goal in his credit but he also could not impress in the defence.
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