Rugby Update: Sonny Williams assures his return to Rugby League

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Rugby Update: Sonny Williams assures his return to Rugby League
Sonny Bill Williams who recently made news that he couldn’t make it to the rugby field for a long time has affirmed his recovery. He is now expected to make an astounding comeback to Rugby League after the Rugby World Cup 2011. However, the All Black super star has admitted that he will be reassessing his position at the end of the World Cup as it is the only thing on his mind right now. He hasn’t yet made any decision regarding ruling out a move to National Rugby League side South Sydney.
Sonny Bill Williams cleared the misconceptions and answered all the fingers pointed at the press conference. Referring to whether he will join South Sydney or not he said, “Maybe, it's definitely an option in a couple of years, maybe, after the (Rugby) World Cup.”
On the other hand, Williams was prohibited to rejoin NRL till 2013 because of his controversial walking out of Bulldogs’ five years deal in 2008. He is not allowed back till then so he certainly does have an alternative and a great opportunity to stay in All Blacks till they need him.
He said, “For me, especially the last couple of years I've set myself on small goals and concentrating on the next target.” So what is the next target of this heart throbbing people’s favourite?
One thing is for sure, that boxing did affect his rugby routine, even though he has clarified many times but actions show it all. Talking about his targets he said, “This target is about getting the boxing out of the way again, trying to turn onto the Super 15 and trying to crack the All Blacks side and obviously the World Cup.”
But the All Black center doesn’t want to give up boxing; he believes it’s good to have boxing up his sleeve like a clever sportsman and a good businessman. Like any player, he wants to play his best the way he wants and where he wants it.
He added, “Be respective to others but at the same time I do what is best for myself and for my family, and it's just like with any person in the world."



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