Team Lotus adamant to knock out Group Lotus

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Team Lotus adamant to knock out Group Lotus
Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes seems more confident than ever before after the first hearing of the ‘Lotus name dispute.’ He believes that the announcement of the court to wait until next hearing before passing on any verdict is a very good sign for his
team. He declared that he was glad with the way the case has opened up and assured his fans that it is not too far away that his team will stand victorious.
The Tony Fernandes’ Team Lotus and Malaysian car manufacturer company, Group Lotus, were summoned at the London High Court for the initial hearing of the ‘Lotus name dispute’ this Monday. Group Lotus claims that they are the real owners of the brand and
suggested that Fernandes’ team must be disallowed, as soon as possible, from using the name ‘Lotus.’ However, unlike suggested by the group, the court refrained from giving any verdict the very first day. Rather, it postponed its decision until next hearing
on March 21st, 2011.
The dispute between the two parties heated up at the end of the last season when Fernandes announced to continue with the same name, ‘Team Lotus’ for another season. Group Lotus objected this decision, calling itself to be the original owner of the ‘Lotus’
brand. It further looked for a summary judgement from the court, this Monday as they met for the first hearing of the case. It demanded the judge to forbid the Team Lotus to enter the 2011 grid with the same title. However, the court believes that the issue
is not as simple as it may seem. It was further added that many other settlements are also required to be done in order to settle the naming dispute like the contracts signed by both the opponents, who will be carrying the legacy of the old Lotus team etc.
The Malaysian team boss and owner of airline company Air Asia, Fernandes wrote on his Twitter page last night, "Very very happy over the judgement today. And extremely happy that full trial brought forward to March 21st. The good do always eventually win."
Mr Justice Peter Smith, after looking into the matter deeply announced that no hasty action will be taken at all. He asked both the parties to wait for some time as the court will have its say following a complete trial in March. Alternatively, he suggested
to the both parties to settle the issue outside the court in a peaceful manner. Smith believes that bringing the matter to the court is spoiling the reputation of both the parties; it is giving a bad name to the sport and above all is destroying the legacy
of the legendary ‘Lotus Racing.’
However, many of the race analysts believe that the issue might not be resolved outside now, since a lot of bitter words have already been exchanged between the two groups. Moreover, Fernandes also reported in an interview a little time back that he has
not received any positive gesture from the Group Lotus so far for friendly talks, reflecting the intentions of the group to resolve the matter outside the court.
As the first race of the 2011 season, the Bahrain Grand Prix will start in the beginning of March, the grid will hold two teams and four cars with the same name. Although the next hearing will take place shortly after the first race, the court is not expected
to give the final verdict before the mid of the season. This means one of the teams will undergo a name change during mid year.



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