Cricket Update: Former Pakistan Captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq furious over the captaincy issue for the World Cup

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Cricket Update: Former Captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq furious over the captaincy issue for the World Cup
Former Pakistan captain and a legendary batsman has expressed his anger over the delay in naming the team’s captain during the World Cup. He is of the view that this “hangover” has already led to problems in the side. He claims that factions
have already found strength and if this continues, then the hopes of a good performance in the mega event will remain to be a dream.
The World Cup squad has been announced, yet the captain for the side is not named. Pakistan is the only team without a skipper, which means that the environment of uncertainty remains to be the case as per the side. This might also affect the performance
of the team in the World Cup.
“With only three weeks left to the World Cup, Pakistan have no captain and the blame goes to the PCB for creating and deadlock which has divided the team into two groups, supporting Afridi and Misbah” explained the former captain, Inzamam-Ul-Haq
to the media. In addition, he claims that given the circumstances in the status quo, any expectation from the national side will be an illusion. Inzi also expressed his discontent over the prolonging issue and demanded that the board should take immediate
step to resolve the issue at hand. is under heavy scrutiny at the moment for his poor form with the ball and
the bat. This is not all. He is also under fire for his tactics to lead the national side, and his distanced behaviour from the rest of the team is pretty evident. Misbah has led the team to win the first test series since 2006, and he also managed to draw
the series recently in the UAE. This has already made the situation more complex.
Inzi however, showed no mercy in criticizing the authorities for the mismanagement.
“The PCB has failed to control the situation and if Pakistan fares badly in the World Cup, the people will accuse the players and not the board” said Inzi in front of the media. He seems pretty upset on the sorry state of affairs at the board, and
asks for an immediate remedy. If Team Pakistan does not finalize a captain in this week, it might be too late to expect anything from the already demoralized national side.



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