Really confused about EMA.?

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I'm a Briton living abroad (I moved 2 years ago), but I'm still doing 4 AS Level courses in an international school (outside the UK). Is there anyway to qualify for EMA? Since it states you should be in a school in England. Do they allow exceptions? Thankyou.




  1. no not really


  3. no you wouldn't get it  

  4. No you can' t get it. Sorry.

  5. I don't know if you qualify for EMA, but you could look on their website link below and see if it says and if not you could apply anyway and see what happens or phone the helpline.  

  6. No you don't qualify as you don't live in the UK, EMA is for british students and you need a HM & Revenue Customs Working Tax Credits Awards Notice or a P60 form from parent(s) (which i don't think they have) as evidence.

    No they don't allow exceptions because it is for students who are considering further studying in England and it is funded by the british government.

    You need to be enrolled on a course in England which is either:

    * A full-time further education course at a college or school.

    * An LSC-funded Diploma (where available) or a course that leads to an Apprenticeship.

    * An LSC-funded Entry to Employment (e2e) course (if your e2e course starts on or after 30 June 2008, you’ll get the maximum £30 weekly EMA payment, regardless of your household income).

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