OSAP when parents are common-law?

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I am eager to get onto OSAP because this way I can go to a university of MY choice and not one that they would force me to go to. My question is, how can I get OSAP? Together, both my parents earn too much. My stepfather and my mom are living in common-law so would I be able to not include his name on the form? Would I have a chance of getting on OSAP if my mother works two well-paying jobs?




  1. You can always apply and see. You will probably have to put down your stepfather as well. Check out the osap site, for definitions and to use the estimator. also is an awesome thread on osap and osap questions.

  2. how many years have you been out of high school?  If its less than 4, your parent is expected to contribute towards the cost of your education.

    If your mom is filing her taxes as common-law then your step-father's income may be included in the calculations.  Depends on how old you were when they started living together.  If you were younger than  16, then yes, his income is taken into account.

    Despite your mom working 2 jobs, a lot will depend on how many brothers and sisters you have still living at home.

    Your parents are going to have to sign the consent forms so if you have chosen a school that they disapprove of, you may have some difficulty getting them to sign.

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