How do I earn $1million with 2-year-period of time?

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Do you have any idea,I am serious,I need the money to go study abroad in the U.S.

PS,I am a Chinese.




  1. buy cheap **** from china and sell it in the west on the internet.

  2. when you find out

    let me know

    best of wishes

  3. Buy lots and lots of lottery tickets, and hope for the best ... jackass!

    if you could make $1million in 2 years, we'd all be doing it!

    so, go to your nearest newsagents, buy lottery tickets, or rob cars or do something highly illegal (personall favourite: bank robbery) and you can, but sont get your hopes up ;)

  4. if you're good, try stocks.

    they have a high interest payback in a short period of time.

    it can be very risky so you have to be careful.

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