Can you git a grant or scholarship if you are planing to go to a vocational school.?

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Well when i graduate i wanna move to L.A away from my parents because i wanna be independent and i dnt want to ask them for money to pay for there any way i can get money if I wana go to beauty planing on going to Paul Mitchel and study cosmetology.....




  1. yes -apply thru the financial aid office.

  2. you can get all sorts of grants and scholarships for any continued education if you know where to look. I suggest however when you fill out the use spell checker

  3. You can get scholarships for ANY school. And most of them require nothing much. My friend got one 2 thousand dollar scholarship for running 2 miles in 6 minutes.  Wow, srsly? LOL yeah they are pretty funny. SO just look some up online or the school will give you a flyer for offered scholarships they know of. (my trade school did) GOOD LUCK!

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