Psp broken -how to fix-is it bricked?

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ma bro was doin da update but took out da memory card while updating when i turn the psp on the green light goes on but the sreen does not work

help plz




  1. Have you looked into repairing your PSP yourself first? You can save a TON of money and time that way. If you don't know how check out  They will also show you the best site to buy your parts if you don't know.

    They will teach you how to downgrade, play non UMD movies, download games, fix bricked PSPs, replace screens and joysticks, etc.

  2. Go to And please Speak/Type Proper English. Hoped I helped. :0

  3. Sound like a job.......*dramatic music* Pandora Battery....Find it on Ebay

    btw, i almost got lost in your explanation, use PROPER ENGLISH!

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