What do we mean brick your psp?

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Well,we say with the firmware custom you might brick your psp.I asked a question like that before,anyway,this will damage just the flash,right?We mean brick your psp tha the flash will lose it's data?I don't care if the the flash will lose its data!But can this thing damage the psp?To say it more clear,this may just make your flash to lose its data,right or not?And it will not damage the psp or anything,right?Isn't that against the law.Ok,what I want to know is that this won't damage the psp.If it will damage the psp I will forget about it!If it just may make the flash to lose its data I don't care!I have only save games files.




  1. A brick

    A device that cannot function in any capacity such as a (machine with damaged firmware)

    But many people claim they can unbrick devices. And some post their findings!!

    Please visit the two links.

    oh and here

    The PlayStation Portable, a handheld game console by Sony, can become bricked and unable to restart completely. The main cause of this problem is the modification of the PSP. Crackers have created a virus called Trojan.PSPBrick, which deletes the necessary files needed to restart the system.

    Another way in which a PSP may be bricked is during a firmware upgrade when its lithium-ion battery is not charged enough, its AC adaptor is unplugged, or the device is accidentally powered off. It is paramount that the PSP has a constant battery life while being updated as the firmware is writing directly to the internal flash memory of the PSP. As it is overwriting previous firmware, the current firmware is incomplete and therefore cannot boot up. Some users have also experienced bricks when they removed their battery while running homebrews.

    Playstation Portables can be 'unbricked' by using a special battery and certain files that can easily be found by the name of 'Pandora's Battery' and 'Despertar del Cementerio' released by Team C+D. The user can also recover 'semi-bricks' where the firmware won't boot but the user can access a recovery console included in most custom firmwares.

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