Runscape: Attack and Range to 60 FAST!!!!!?

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Okay, i've got a Runescape skiller thats Combat Level 34 with...

50 range

20 attack

7 strengh

how can i get m range and attack to 60 in less that 8 Days????




  1. if your a member get a "bone Crossbow" and "bone bolts" and train on the ougers in the camp near the gnome palce. (cant remember what its called i quit rs ages ago)

    and for attack depends what weps you can wield if your member or not.

    but quests give good xp for both if you do the right ones.

    this is just a suggestion.

    but theres a site called

    "" its like runescape but placed in yanille,seers,dragon cave,Cath,Legends guild,Taverly,fishing guild and gnome palce. the game has all skills except farming it also has pking! with barley any lagg at all. it has a very friendly community as well and very nice staff but just letting you know maby check it out some time.

  2. If You're A Member I Would Suggest The Dual Arena As You Get Your Arrows Back, :]

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