Pokemon Diamond ev Question???

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If I give Tangrowth a lot of Carbos to make him faster will this make any of his other stats like attack or defense decrease? If I give my Togekiss a lot of Protein to make her attack stronger will any of his other stats decrease? Is this for any pokemon?




  1. No, if you give a pokemon like a bunch of carbos, its not gonna change its attack or defence

    How do i know this: i just looked in my pokemon offical guide from nintendo

    Here's an tip: if you have got your national pokedex then on route 218,where the litte island is with grass, use your poke radar and try about 5 times and you could catch an ditto! A ditto could breed with any pokemon like put in an turtwig and ditto in the day care then walk around for an while and you'll get another turtwig!

    Hoped i helped!

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