What can you actually do on wii online?

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Im going to get a wii and ive heard this thing called WFC. Can you just play games with other people of WFC or can you talk to them/add friends?





  1. u can go to yahoo go to andkon and and more

  2. you can send thing to people on your message board

    and you can play games with your friends

    or complete strangers

    any yoo guys no the answer to my question

  3. You can play against them in only certain games. Not all multi-player games are playable online. Both players have to own the game in order to play. The games that I play with friends online are:

    Mario Kart Wii

    Mario Strikers Charged

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    Battalion Wars 2

    Dr. Mario Rx

    All you need is a wireless connection in your house, and after connecting the Wii to it, you will be able to play these games against your friends. Also, there are no fees, and it is completely free to play online.

  4. wfc stands for wii friends code.

    1. you can shop online for virtual console

    2. you can browse the internet on the wii (cost wii points though)

    games that will support online will have a blue ciricle onthe cover  saying wifi enable.

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