60gb ps3 regrettable (ignoring the space) vs 80gb ps3

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If I buy a 60gb ps3 and later the EE becomes useless and the software emulation in the 80gb ps3 takes over for whatever reasons, will my 60gb ps3 become obsolete or wouldn't I be able to upgrade the software of the 60gb ps3 to the emulation software of the 80gb ps3?

Basically, is it safe to buy the 60gb ps3 and not have to regret not buying a 80gb ps3 later (besides the harddrive space)?




  1. Well emulation is only used because it's cheaper. But the 60gb has the PS2 hardware, making it able to play all PS2 games. And if Sony does decide to make emulation the way to go, the 60gb can still get the updates, since emulation is all software and can be included in updates. So the 60gb is the best PS3 ever. Sony only discontinued it because it cost them too much to make.

  2. na your safe with the 60 gb ps3

  3. The 60gb will always be better at playing PS2 games. It uses hardware to play them, so it can't become obsolete. There will be software updates to make the 80gb better, but I doubt it will ever be as good as the 60gb.

    It is perfectly safe to buy the 60gb. Just know that it will probably be used, and is most likely out of warranty since Sony doesn't manufacture that model anymore so you'll only be able to get it online (most likely). You can still send it in if it needs repairs, but it will probably cost you if you don't buy it from a retail store and have a receipt (you'd have to contact Sony to see if they'll do it for free or not). Hopefully you don't have any problems, I haven't and I've had mine since launch (the PS3 has very few hardware failures).

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