Premier league Round Up - Everton

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Premier league Round Up - Everton
Everton Goalkeeper was ecstatic for his performance against Manchester City, when he helped his side manage a 2-1 victory to deny the Citizens a chance to go to the top of the premier league.
Howard had to deal with a lot when Everton were reduced to 10 men in the second half and displayed some outstanding goal keeping skills. Everton went 2-0 up in the first half but their lead were halved when a deflected Yaya Toure shot found the net in the
second half.
Yet, it was Howard’s heroics that led to Everton holding onto their one goal lead and was delighted to have helped his side. The win at the City of Manchester Stadium was Everton’s first in seven fixtures and both the players and manager were seen celebrating
the win with zeal.
"It was a raw reaction at the end. That was pure emotion for us, and we said in the dressing room that it was weird how good that felt. We've beaten a few top teams over the years, but this felt really good,” claimed the 31-year-old shot stopper.
Since joining Everton in 2007, the player has made over 135 appearances for the Merseyside club and remains an integral part of David Moyes’s plans for the club. Although Howard was not awarded the man of the match award, he received a round of applause
by the manager and players for his heroics in front of goal. To deny Manchester City, with all their star attacking power, takes some talent and Howard proved to be the difference in the second half.    
“I can't put my finger on it but you saw at the end what it meant to us. Maybe it was the cold, maybe because they could have gone top of the league, but you saw what it meant to us," stated the former Manchester United goalkeeper. 



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