Speculations surrounding Rafael Benitez's future at Inter Milan

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Speculations surrounding Rafael Benitez's future at Inter Milan
In the past few days, there were many reports from Italy and claiming that Rafael Banitez, the manager of Inter Milan, had been sacked by the club’s president. The president of Inter Milan, Massimo Moratti is not enjoying
a particularly great relationship with his manager and this seems inevitable. However, for now both the manager and the president have denied these reports.
Moratti has doubted Benitez’s capabilities in the past, because of Inter Milan’s poor performance domestically and in Europe as well. The only success story under Benitez was Inter's triumph at the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi
last week. The manager made use of that situation to glorify himself and point the finger at Moratti. Therefore, things worsened and it became obvious that the two men would not remain at the same club. Unfortunately for Rafa, this meant that he would be the
one leaving San Siro.
Currently, Benitez is back in Liverpool enjoying the winter break from Italian Serie A. He was quickly approached by the media, looking to get his thoughts regarding the speculations. The Spaniard said that he was on a holiday
and he dismissed the news surrounding his future at Inter Milan. The Inter Milan manager said that he had heard a lot of false claims in the last few months and this news was also one of those false stories.
Inter Milan president, Massimo Moratti also denied the news of sacking Rafael Benitez. He said that the Spanish manager was still serving at Inter Milan and no new names were being considered. Along with the news of firing Rafa,
there were a couple of names circulating in the news who were the possible replacements, including the former AC Milan manager Leonardo. However, Moratti said that no names are under consideration and that the club would not contact anyone until the situation
Although, Benitez remains the boss of Inter Milan but he really seems to have dodged the bullet. The victory in Abu Dhabi might have saved him, however, the future doesn't seem too bright for him. The reason is that Benitez has
failed to build on the legacy of his predecessor, Jose Mourinho. Mourinho led Inter to victory in the Serie A, but the former Liverpool boss is trailing by 13 points, behind his neighbours and arch rivals AC Milan.
Jose Mourinho also led Inter to an amazing victory in the Champions League. But, the club failed to maintain its superiority under Benitez, as they were forced to take the second position in their group, behind first timers; Tottenham
Hotspur. These are not good signs for Inter Milan because they are starting to lose their edge and apparently Benitez is the one who would be held responsible for the collapse. There is no doubt that the manager has one of squads in Europe and
it is his failure if he is unable to get the best out of his players.
When the Spaniard was in charge of affairs at, Maicon, Lucio
and Eto'o, Benitez might not find anything to put the blame on, except himself. Under the reign of Rafael Benitez, Milan has ceased to be a real force and they might not be able to defend any of the three titles that they won last season.
In short, the sacking of Benitez is inevitable but the recent success might delay the punishment. Inter Milan have not had such a poor season in the last five years and this really questions the abilities of the Spanish manager.
For now, we will have to wait till the end of the break before the final verdict on Benitez is delivered.   



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