Haddin backs Ponting to play in the fourth Test match

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Haddin backs Ponting to play in the fourth Ashes Test
Australian wicketkeeper, Brad Haddin has said that he will back Ponting to play in the fourth Ashes Test. bounced back into the Ashes series when they defeated the English side by a convincing margin at Perth. For Ricky Ponting, nothing could be
more important than to see his side taking the Ashes back from their arch rivals. So far, it has been an interesting series in which both sides have delivered some exceptional performances. However, Ricky Ponting has not been able to play a big knock in the
series and apart from his score of 59* in the Brisbane test he has not made a lot of runs in the series.
Ponting sustained a finger injury in the third Test and chances of him being included in the fourth Test match are still doubtful. Without Ponting Australia would be lacking the experience of a player who can make vital decisions in the Test match. Australian
fans would be hoping that Ponting would be fit for the fourth Test as it is most likely to be the last Ashes series of Ponting’s career.
Brad Haddin was of the view that Ponting’s finger has been recovering well from his injury and the signs are looking good for him to play in the fourth Test. Ponting realizes his importance in the team and is working hard to get recovered from this injury.
Haddin revealed that Ponting would do some batting practice on Friday and hopefully it would turn out to be good for him.
Brad Haddin praised Ponting’s leadership and said that he is the leader of the team and players get a lot of inspiration from him. He further said that it was Ponting’s personality which transformed the Australian side into a winning unit in Perth. It is
true that the Aussie fans saw a totally different side in the Perth Test as the Aussie players seemed quite focused in showing a good performance in the Third Test of the Ashes. Ponting’s amazing character has always helped his players in performing their
level best and he has always lifted his team’s spirits in difficult situations. He always had a strong impact on the Australian outfit and always led them from the front.
There were few speculations before the Ashes series that Ponting would not be effective as a captain but the win in Perth Test has definitely silenced the critics and Ponting will be hoping his team returns to winning ways in the remaining two test matches.



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