Pedro Rodriguez – Story of a Barcelona future star

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On Saturday, La Blaugrana kept their all-winning away form intact as they faced the “unbeaten-at-home” Espanyol side.
Josep Guardiola’s men destroyed their local city rivals as they got past their defensive walls five times to put the score line at 5-1. The Spanish Champions gave everyone almost the same treatment and Espanyol became the sixth team to concede five or more
goals against Barcelona. After the Greek Champions Panathinaikos, Sevilla, Almeria, the Los Blancos and Real Sociedad, it was Espanyol’s turn to face the Barcelona wrath.
Barcelona have scored 51 goals in this season already which takes their average to a little more than three goals per match. On the other hand, they have only conceded nine goals which make them the best goal scoring side and the best defending side.
Currently, the Argentinean maestro Lionel Messi is leading the goal scoring and assist charts but David Villa has started to score as well. Moreover, the other two Ballon d’Or finalists Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta have been brilliant as well.
Even though the Catalan Giants have extraordinary players and they have a star-studded squad, a new player has emerged out of nowhere. The name of that youngster is Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma. Even though no one knew about him two years ago, he has managed
to shine this season. The Spanish youngster took the football world by a storm last season and he is still in great form as he is often played up front in the starting line up of Barcelona.
The 23-year-old Spaniard tried his best to make his spot in the first team last season. He started to play as a winger in the lights of Lionel Messi and He became the first player to score in six different competitions and later became a vital
player for the World Champions, However, this season he has totally changed his style of play and he has emerged out of nowhere to start his journey to becoming an excellent player.
Pedro Rodriguez’s goals were definitely not easy to score. While being in partnership with undoubtedly this generation’s best strikers, it was definitely hard for him to outshine the others. With Lionel Messi finding the back of the net at least once in
every game he plays, there is no doubt that he is one of the best players in the world at the moment.
Moreover, Spanish striker David Villa is the other player who plays alongside him. It is definitely a difficult task to outshine players like these. However, Pedro Rodriguez stepped up to take the challenge and became a worthy member of the Barcelona striking
While performing against the local city rivals Espanyol, Pedro Rodriguez put on a great show. While playing in Cornella-El Prat, he scored two goals and destroyed Espanyol’s defence.
Rodriguez’s performance can easily sum up his characteristics which include pace, technique and finishing skills. While watching Pedro Rodriguez playing at the moment, one can understand why Thierry Henry was rested by Josep Guardiola last season.
Later, you also realise why the, Samuel Eto’o and Thierry
The former three Barcelona strikers got 100 goals but David Villa, Pedro Rodriguez and Lionel Messi have already scored 51 goals and even half of the season is not over yet. These three have been so deadly that they even scored five against the mighty Real
Madrid who are now under one of the best coaches in the world, Jose Mourinho.
There is no doubt that Pedro Rodriguez has emerged to become a great player. However, you have to give the credit to his coach Josep Guardiola who trusted his talents and started playing him in the starting line-up. Barcelona are good at making great players
and Pedro Rodriguez is definitely one of them.



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