Pakistan Cricket Board hunts for new head coach – Cricket News Update

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Pakistan Cricket Board hunts for new head coach – Cricket News Update
In the aftermath of Waqar Younis’ decision to step down after the Cricket Board has named a three-member committee, which aims to find a replacement for the outgoing head coach.
The committee comprises of Pakistani legends from yesteryear including prolific batsman,
Waqar, who was appointed in March 2010, had a pretty successful time with the team, most notably taking them to the semi-final of the World Cup 2011.
However soon after tournament, differences arose between the head coach and former skipper,, on the tour of the Caribbean, which led to the PCB getting involved and fining Afridi, who since then has announced his retirement from International
Recently, Waqar resigned from the post citing personal and health related reasons, though many believe that the criticism hurled at him by the ex-captain was the main cause of him stepping down.
The national side is currently in Zimbabwe, and after the tour, will be traveling to UAE in October to play The Board hopes to resolve the issue before that in order for the team to move forward.
Meanwhile, the main dilemma for the board is whether to appoint a foreign coach or look for someone from its own back yard. became
president of the board and removed”
Many are of the view that it is important for anyone who comes from abroad to understand the culture and tradition of the country, which is influenced by the political background in this region.
The coaching role has been a problem for the Pakistani team, which are now in the market for their ninth coach in 10 years.
The longest serving coach was, who held the post for 3 years, before his unfortunate death.



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