Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) eying return of international cricket in Pakistan – Cricket News Update

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) eying return of international cricket in Pakistan – Cricket News Update
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has tried to convey a positive message to the international cricket fraternity through the Faysal Bank Twenty20 Cup in order to revive international games in the country.
According to a close source in the board, security of players was given highest priority and everyone was fully committed to portraying a positive message to the International Cricket Council.
The source claimed, “We want to ensure that no lapse occurs which could send out a negative message. We are trying to build a strong image once again for the international cricket fraternity. All the stakeholders should fulfil their responsibility so that
international cricket can be revived in”
The board’s source further revealed, “The event is being televised and the whole world is watching. Let the ICC decide whether we have done enough to build some confidence from the security point of view.”
PCB was also planning to deploy rangers for the Semi-Finals and the Final of the tournament, as the situation is currently being controlled by private security personnel.
There has been no international cricket in Pakistan since the terrorists attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore back in 2009.
The country was scheduled to co-host the ICC World Cup 2011 alongside decided to shift all matches to other venues.
Earlier, there was a suggestion that Pakistan could host their matches in the (UAE), but there was very little time left for the arrangements and the Men in Green played their games in Sri Lanka.
Cricket in Pakistan has suffered a lot due to the security situation and the country has hosted its series on neutral venues like UAE and
However, the board and the sport’s governing body have been working together to revive international events in the troubled country.
Although the fans have not been able to see their team in action on home soil, it seems that the situation is getting better with time. were the first international team, which showed interest in touring Pakistan and the ICC has been planning to send a World XI to the country. It just seems as a matter of time when international matches resume in the cricket loving nation.



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