Pakistan Cricket Board director Sultan Rana to join the Asian Cricket Council – Cricket News Update

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In a recent affair the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) director Sultan Rana is set to take on the designation of manager events and operations at the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).
Based on reports issued by the country’s cricketing governing body, Rana will be taking on his new role but prior to that the official will be stepping down from his current post with the board, by middle of September, next month, as the Director Cricket
Operations Domestic.
Rana’s vacate post will be taken over by, as the manager of the national team, will
be taking over the international operations as well as keeping his current responsibility as director game development.
As for Rana, the former first class cricketer holds an 18 years experience on the field earned after playing for Pakistani domestic sides including Habib Bank Limited, Lahore, University and Punjab.
Following his retirement from the sport in 1987, Rana took on the administrative tasks of the sport where later on he went on to serve the ACC as the development manager from 2005 till 2008 after which the official resumed his services with the PCB in early
However, when asked about his previous tenure with the ACC, Rana stated, “When I first came I didn’t exactly know of the work being carried out by the ACC to be honest, but I was involved in previous ACC tournaments as a match or tournament referee. When
I first started I found it a little difficult and I was uncomfortable but within a few months I picked up and learnt more about the organization and the development they put into the game.”
Rana also added that where one comes from a Test cricketing nation to another, not much heed is given to the development of the sport, however, for non-Test playing nations, it needs some time and thinking for the overhauling of cricket in that country. 



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