Nico Rosberg says he does not regret time with Williams – Formula 1 news

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Nico Rosberg says he does not regret time with Williams – Formula 1 news
Nico Rosberg has said that he does not regret the time he spent at Williams.
Rosberg explained that even though his time with Williams was not productive, he does not feel regret over his stint with Williams. During the four years he was with Williams he performed relatively well as Williams was not able to provide him with a winning
car. Even then he showed improvement with each year and it was evident that Rosberg had the skills to be a really good driver.
The German had a good 2011 year as he scored 89 points and finished 7th in the drivers’ championship for Mercedes GP. The performance is not too impressive on paper but understanding that he was driving a relatively uncompetitive Mercedes car and still finished
ahead of his teammate Michael Schumacher says a lot about his development and talent.
After six years in the sport, he has only 5 podiums to show for it and still is in the waiting for his maiden Grand Prix win which has eluded him so far due to the uncompetitive machines he has had to deal with so far.
In the upcoming 2012 year though Mercedes is speculated to have been improved a lot and will be targeting the sharp end of the grid. That is something that is keeping the German upbeat and optimistic over his relationship with Mercedes. He said that he believes
Mercedes is the right team for him.
“I have no regrets,” Rosberg told Auto Motor und Sport. “I am completely convinced it was right to go to Mercedes and to stay here.”
He also talked about the possibility of him moving to McLaren in 2008 when he was approached by the team. He said although his time with Williams was longer than he wanted it to be but believes that his reputation was not harmed.
“There was the interest, but Frank (Williams) would not let me go. Certainly being four years at Williams was not ideal - it could have been a bit shorter. But particularly the last season there was a springboard for me. Since then I have been always seventh
in the standings and made some others aware of me,” he said.



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